Born to a British Father and an Iranian Jewish Mother, Robert’s fascinating heritage was formative in shaping his unique personal and artistic perspectives. For the past 10 years he has been dedicated to finessing his art and creative processes.


Robert’s work is typified by tensions; between his British and Iranian roots, faith and reason, surrender and control. His art is a vehicle for him to express his emotional journey and inspire others to do the same. He has created his own artistic style, a symbolic visual language in which colour, forms, words and storytelling co-exist. For Robert, art, creativity and colour represent life, his own emotional journey. 


Robert is now driven by a desire to be an experiential curator to guide others on their own artistic journey. With a raft of exciting analogue and digital projects in the pipeline, Robert’s vision is to create vehicles for connection, collective experience, discussion and expression. 


In these transformational times we are living through, where global change will be led by our own personal awakenings, Robert would like to use his own experience to aid in that process by inspiring and enabling all of us to connect with each other, by letting go of being right, allowing expression of thoughts and exploring new understandings without disengaging from one another.

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