The Storyteller is me talking to the different aspects of myself, how I’m learning to understand and communicate with the inner part of myself, how I detach and what that causes in me.  I’ve done this by creating a two-part system for the soul/self. The outer soul represents the practical day-to-day aspects of ourselves, the flower but not the roots. The inner soul is the deepest part of our being that we try to listen to yet sometimes can’t hear. The greater the gap between these two aspects of ourselves, the higher our level of anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction. When they are working together harmoniously life flows beautifully. 

The idea of connecting and collaborating with others is my self-therapy. It’s my way of sharing and showing how we can help and learn from each other.  If we just let go of being right and learn to be aware of all aspects of ourselves we can then begin to have open, objective conversations.  I want to show that although we may have different points of view, we can all learn to enhance our own view . I want to subtly draw people into this learning through art, creativity and expression by using a common narrative, the heart of humanity.

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