The Sun and The Moon

The Drop of History

The Flower People

The Doorway of Time

The Land of The Stars

The Magnify Glass

The My People

Neutral Heart

The My People

The Thirteenth Hour


In the conflicted world that we live in, my vision is to use my art and creativity to help to co-create a new understanding. By letting go of our need to be right and extremity of option and beliefs, I want to lead others to find their own path to their inner self, to guide them to tolerance and openness. I hope to create new conversations by collaborating with other creatives through the art of storytelling. 


My vision is to create digital and analogue experiences to allow and inspire collective, interactive creativity and storytelling. By sharing the artistic process I hope to allow others to take what they need to enhance their lives or add to their own journey in a less dictatorial way.   

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The My People