Colour Workshop

Robert Paul & Homemilk 


This IN REAL LIFE workshop explores the relationship between colour and emotion and how you can harness it as a tool to create your dream colour palette.  It’s packed full of inspiration, information and fun exercises with the aim of leaving you motivated and excited to start your home projects.


Emma @homemilk and Robert @robertpaulworld have come together to collaborate on this interactive workshop. Bringing both their skills as colour consultants and different perspectives (Robert as an artist and Emma as an interior designer) to offer a really engaging and comprehensive dive into colour 


‘Its a collab I’m truly excited about. our joint skills have combined to create something really beautiful whilst also being freaking useful. I can’t wait to see how attendees use this workshop to bring more colour joy into their homes’ EMMA


“Our mission is to be your guide on the emotional journey of colour. Together, we can paint your home like a piece of art. You start the workshop with a certain perspective, feeling, or thought process and leave with a different one.  It is a space of exploration, inspiration and sharing to help you or your clients reach total clarity on their direction for the project. You will gain a better understanding of yourself, your creativity and leave ready to start your project.” ROBERT 


To find out more or when our next workshop will be send me a message on my 'lets talk' page

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