As an artist and colour consultant, I enjoy the dual aspect of being an artist and helping people choose colour for their home and space. I feel as if I am guiding people to paint their homes like a piece of art.


I use my own creative process to put colour together, helping others to create colour schemes and find processes that are based on their emotional needs and wants for their home or space.  


My Method

The Start 


We begin with an virtual colour workshop. During this time I gain an insight into your needs, feelings and experiences. I find out what colours mean to you, how I can help you and the people involved so that I can start to get a sense of your colour palette. We then begin to define a roadmap forward on how to approach and understand your project. 


I also offer a full-day group colour workshop, which goes into more detail, if you would like to explore colour further (see Colour Workshops for more details). 


The Consultation 


I offer home or virtual consultations. Together we decide how much time we feel is appropriate. Time spent is based on your own decision-making process, lifestyle and current vision as well as the size of the project. 


The Finish Line 


After the consultation, we will spend on average a total of 2 hours virtual time finalising your project, which I would recommend being broken down into smaller regroup sessions of 30 minutes. I will help you through the sampling process until the completion of specification. The specification will be a list of colours per room with finishes. I will help you to manage your project with do’s and don'ts and helpful tips.


3 step program


1. The Start                     Virtual 

2. The Consultation     Home or virtual 

3. The Finish Line          Virtual finalisation 


Prior to commencing we will agree the time and package necessary for your project.  If my 3 step program does not fit your needs, alternative options are available in terms of individual or group hours as detailed by the pricing guide below.



Virtual                    £130 per hour 

Home Visit:          £200 per hour (Local)

                                 £250 Per hour (National)

For interior designers / architects, please contact me directly for further information & delivery models.


To find out more send me a message on my 'lets talk' page 



My experience is with Little Greene and Paint Library colours, I am very well versed in their wide range of colours and finishes. I am always exploring the world of colour and love to discover new shades to add to my palette, should you already have a particular colour or brand in mind. 


Insight into my experience  


20 years experience in Art, Fashion, Interiors & Colour, 7 years flagship showroom and colour consultancy manager for Little Greene and Paint Library.


I opened Little Greene’s first UK retail showroom in Marylebone London and developed their colour consultancy service for the UK market. A family-run business, I enjoyed the company, culture and team. I still have a good relationship with everyone there. I was given creative freedom to understand colour, help others to find colour and create various services and collaborations. 


I took on the role of educator, creating and conducting workshops for consumers, professionals, retail staff, stockists and universities in the UK and Internationally. I worked with galleries, curators, artists, muralists, hotels, retail, architects, interior designers and universities. I have helped visualise thousands of colour projects across many fields, industries, commercial and residential, all with different needs and wants. 

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